Antico: The. Best. Pizza. Ever.

Posted by on Aug 1, 2012

With our recent move to a new neighborhood, my husband and I have been asking around for neighborhood restaurant recommendations. Without fail, everyone has mentioned Antico. Antico is one of those places that can be a bit confusing. There is often a really long line and it can be really loud. And, the staff working the front counter seems to have a bit of Seinfield’s Soup Nazi’s disposition. But, I promise you, it is worth it. Antico’s pizza may be the best pizza I have ever had in my life. Seriously.

Line once inside the doors of Antico.

We decided to ease ourselves into the madness and go early in the week. We arrived last Tuesday around 7:15 and found the line pretty manageable (maybe a 15 minute wait).

A warning though, waiting in a really long line doesn’t always guarantee you a pie. Antico locks their doors when they run out of dough. Though I think this mostly happens during the dinner rush on busy weekends.

Counter service. It is best to be prepared with your order!

Before I go any further, let me clarify. This is Napoletana pizza, not the American version. The dough is soft and chewy. And, the pizza has a delicious char. The traditional toppings, homemade sauce, bufala mozzarella, garlic, and basil are all unbelievably fresh and full of flavor.

We went the traditional route and chose the Margherita pizza with a little added pepperoni.

I was going to take a few more pictures of the slices, but we literally ate it too quickly.

Most people BYOB their own alcohol (they do not have a corkscrew for you to use) even though there is a sign on the front door that says “no outside drinks.” I called yesterday to double check and was told you are still welcome to bring your own alcohol. (Not sure what the sign is supposed to mean then.) Antico has started to sell a few alcoholic beverages (Peroni and a few screw top wines) and they have a few sparkling waters and Coke products as well.

We ordered a little dessert to share, as well. The sfogliatelle was good, but I think I will order the cannoli next time.

I mostly ordered the sfogliatelle because it was so pretty!

Seating can be somewhat hard to find, especially if you are a large group. All of the tables are communal style. The most fun place to sit is in the kitchen. The tables are literally right next to their huge pizza ovens. Watching the chefs create the pizza and toss them in an out of the ovens makes for a lively (if not a little hot and loud) evening!

You can truly tell the staff of Antico takes great pride in their pizza. It is one of those restaurants that clearly shows why they are voted a neighborhood favorite again and again!